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Search for a Book

Click the link below to access the website 

A great place to find an ebook.


If you like ebooks then Libby is your place to go.  They provide you with free ebooks.  All you need is a library card and something to download the app on.  Fire, tablet, computer, the choice is yours.  If you have any questions call Carter County Public Library at 606-286-8070, we will be glad to assist you. Click the link below to get started.
This is the link to Libby 

Above the Clouds


We offer many services here at the library, and we are adding more options all the time.  Below are several of the services we currently have with our latest being the new laminator that was purchased for the library by the Friends of the Carter County Public Library group.  If there is an item such as a photo, paper/document, or a newspaper article stop in and see what we have available. 

If there is a service that we do not offer that you would like to see us implement please contact  us at 606-286-8070 and let us know what it may be, we can't say yes to everything but if we know what people need or want we can try our best.


Kentucky Permit Practice Test Site

Click the link below to go to the site.  There are practice tests, sign reviews, and other helpful items to make getting ready for your test much easier

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