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Concrete Wall
Thank you for your donations!
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Brandon Burton

Harper Sexton

Julie Long

Liz Hern

Wilma Wells

The Giffords

Charlotte Crites

Shelby Crites

Debra Barnhill

Hannah Carter

Lou Washington

Marilyn Mason

Brian Barhorst

Nellie Middleton

Christy McCleese

Amy Abell

 James L Heaberlin

Barb Kiser

Abby Morgan

Patty Bond

Jackson Bond

Donna Kennell

Renodia Caudill


Brenda Dehart

Reina Hernandez

Brandon Burton for donating the
St. Patrick's Day party pizza.

For donating the Essay Contest winnings.
* Janet Cline
* Brandon Burton - Brandon's Garage & Fiscal Court
* Wayson King - My House of Horror
* Jeremy D. Wells - Carter County Times
* Robbie Garris - RG Network Solutions LLC
* Jason Duvall - Duvall and Moore Funeral Home and Cremation Service

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