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This form is for prospective Carter County Public Library volunteers. Please fill out all of the fields that apply.

We have four volunteer categories: General, Facilities, Tech Support, and Community Programming.

General volunteers will be responsible for general library curation. A general volunteer will have regular hours at one of our locations (Olive Hill or Grayson). They will be under the supervision of the branch manager or library aide for the location they choose.

Facilities volunteers will not provide regular hours, but instead provide services as needed by the library. Facilities volunteers could provide any number of different services such as cleaning, weed eating, gardening, carpentry, plumbing, general beautification etc... depending on what the volunteer wishes to do.

Technical support volunteers will not provide regular hours, but instead provide services as needed. A tech support volunteer could offer services such as computer maintenance, website maintenance, social media management, and publicity per the volunteers preferences.

Community program leaders will be volunteers who have a very specific area of interest and would like to ensure that programming is in place and maintained for their area of interest. This includes comic clubs, gamer groups, book clubs, writing groups, and any other special area of interest. These volunteers could facilitate meetings, secure project materials, and/or curate space for their group's meetings.

Please fill out the form to the best of your ability and submit using the button at the bottom. If you have specific services you would like to offer, please specify those in the fields provided.

You may also include specific hours that work best for you or wait until you have heard from our staff to clarify. 

The library has volunteer opportunities Tuesday through Saturday. What days will you be available?
At which location would you like to serve?

Thanks for submitting!

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