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Contest is open to all poets in the United States.


Presentation of Awards

Winners will be announced and poems read at the Annual Awards Celebration.  Time and arrangements to be announced.  Awards will be mailed to all winners.  We will notify all winners.  The celebration may be on Zoom.





Mission Statement

The Carter County Poetry Society was organized in 1971 by Kentucky Poet Laureate Paul Salyers.  It is a non-profit organization that wishes to promote the love of poetry through membership in the society by writing poetry, giving poetry readings, learning styles and rules of poetry and exchanging ideas among the group.


Annual membership dues $10.00. Student membership $7.00.


Mail to:

Carter County Poetry Society

c/o Janet O. Maddix

18166 W US HWY 60

Olive Hill, KY 41164


Monthly Meetings:

suspended until further notice due to present health concerns.



Lorie Zientara ............. President

Camila Haney ............. Secretary

Janet O. Maddix ......... Treasurer


  1. Grand Prix. Any style or subject. 60-line limit. $6.00 entry fee.

  2. In the background. Any style. Must use phrase “in the back ground” somewhere in poem but not in the title. Sponsor: Angela Barker Thomas.

  3. Privilege. Any style. Write anything pertaining to privilege but do not use the word “privilege” anywhere in the poem or title. Sponsor: Angela Barker Thomas.

  4. Cinquain. A five-line poem usually with a nature theme. 2, 4, 6, 8, 2 syllables per line. Sponsor: Neal Salyers.

  5. Roses. In honor of Roselinda Galam, RN. Any style. Sponsor: Crystal Barker.

  6. Dedicated. In honor of Sanaz Hashemi, MD. Sponsor: Crystal Barker.

  7. Spiritual or inspirational. Any style. Sponsor: Janet O. Maddix.

  8. Poet’s Choice. Any subject. Any form. If a poem does not fit other categories enter it in this one! Sponsor: Carol Mauriello.

  9. Patch. In honor of our farmers. Any style. Sponsor: Crystal Barker.

  10. If I had wings. In honor of Juanita Mays. Any style. Sponsor: Crystal Barker.

  11. Going to work. In honor of Mojgan Saber, MD. Sponsor: Crystal Barker.

  12. Mother’s hands. In honor of Mom, Judy Barker. Any style. Sponsor: Crystal Barker.

  13. Eight ball. In honor of Clay Miller. Any style. Sponsor: Crystal Barker.

  14. Short Poem. Any style. 50-word line limit. Sponsor: Sandy Litteral.

  15. Free Verse. Any subject. Sponsor: Lori Zientara.

Entry Fees:  Grand Prix $6.00 entry fee. Entry fee for all other categories $2.00 or free for members.

Prize Awards: Grand Prix pays 60% of entry fees to 1st place and 40% to 2nd place winner.  No third place or honorable mention.  The more entries we receive for this category the greater the prize!


Other Prizes: 1st place $10.00; 2nd place $7.00; 3rd place $3.00 or as specified in category.


  1.  Poems must be the original work of the poet.

  2. Poems that have received awards or $10.00 or more or have been published are not eligible.

  3. Only one poem per category.

  4. Work must be computer generated or typewritten.

  5. Contest to awards ceremony.

  6. Poems are limited to 32 written lines not including title,

  7. Keep it family friendly or be eliminated.

Entry Format:

  1. On each poem place contest number and category name in upper left corner with no identification

  2. Cover page. On a separate page place author’s name, mailing address, e-mail and phone number in upper right corner.List all poem entries by poem number, category, title and first line.



Mail submissions by midnight September 2, 2022 to:


Carter County Poetry Society

c/o Janet O. Maddix

18166 W. US HWY 60

Olive Hill, KY 41164

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